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About Us



|TOGETHER| is a movement  of LoveRI led by a united and diverse group of

believers who ultimately desire to see the Gospel message of Jesus shared

with every person in the Greater Rhode Island/Southern MA area.

Our purpose is to motivate, educate and activate the Body of Christ

in our area to live out the great commission in Matthew 28 (vs. 16-20) 

through the advancement of evangelism in our region.  


We hope this gathering will accomplish several things: 


  • To encourage the planting of additional churches in our region
  • To identify those committed to an intentional strategy for outwardly focused servant evangelism
  • To develop a strategy for reaching cities through cooperative, community impacting servant evangelism
  • To identify congregations that will implement a strategy for using Biblical counseling as a means of leading broken people to Christ.
  • To identify churches that will strategically change their church's financial priorities to include a significant investment in local evangelism.
  • To institute a prayer strategy that will mobilize intentional prayer for evangelism in local churches and cooperatively among churches in communities.
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