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Thank you for your interest in the TOGETHER We Pray movement. Please share the following information with your church or network leader. We are excited for you to get involved!  

Our Mission:


To promote and facilitate continuous united prayer by The Church in the greater Rhode Island area for the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Our Vision:


Our vision is to see a prayer movement in the RI-area in which believing members of every RI-area congregation are engaged in coordinated monthly intercessory prayer filling each hour of each day every month of the year.  These intercessors are led by a designated prayer coordinator in each church.  They are resourced with regularly updated prayer guides that provide guidance in praying strategically for every sector of community life and for timely initiatives being taken by various churches in this network. The prayer coordinators are trained, supported, and encouraged as they work with their pastors to bring about a renewal of intercessory prayer throughout their congregations.

Don't have a prayer coordinator?


If you are interested in becoming the prayer coordinator for your church or organization we encourage you to mention that to your leader when you share mission & vision information with them.

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