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Our Thanks go out to everyone who participated in the |TOGETHER| Conference

this past October.  The conference was attended by over 600 people representing

over 100 churches from around the greater Rhode Island area!

|TOGETHER| Outcomes

Following the conference last October, several small groups have met around the state for the purpose of bringing together believers who are passionate around specific areas of gospel advancement, specifically: 

|TOGETHER| Initiatives

Though many conversations have begun taking place, one current initiative is praying 24/7/365 for the state of Rhode Island.  Imagine churches from all over the state taking turns praying for 24 hours straight, back to back, day after day! We can make this a reality |TOGETHER|!  For more information about what this would mean for your church, contact us! 

Keep In Touch

As we continue to find ways to work together to advance the gospel in our region, we would love to hear from you! 


Share your stories with us and let us know how God is

working in your church or community!

Contact us at

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