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  • Dave Gadoury

A historic moment for Rhode Island

In just two months an event will take place that has great historical significance for the state of Rhode Island. After more than 5 years of discussions and planning, leaders from a broad spectrum of churches and ministries from the region will come together to pray and explore ways to re-invigorate evangelistic outreach in our region. Crossing denominational and ethnic barriers that often divide evangelical Christians, it is an event that concerned Christians won’t want to miss.

TOGETHER: ADVANCE THE GOSPEL will be launched by a large convocation of nearly 2,000 invited representatives from all over Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts for a night of united worship and challenge in Providence on October 21. World-renowned evangelist Louis Palau will open the weekend, issuing a call to the church to redouble its focus on sharing the good news of the gospel. Following his message, the assembly, led by a diverse worship team drawn from area churches, will join in prayers for the renewal of His church here.

An all-day Saturday conference of up to 350 church and ministry leaders will to meet, network and learn from strategically chosen speakers. There will be plenary sessions throughout the morning & afternoon and mid-day breakout sessions with the speakers to mentor, equip and encourage evangelistic efforts in their churches and communities.

More than thirty leaders have joined in the planning of |TOGETHER|. Their vision is to motivate, educate, and activate the church and its leaders in the greater Rhode Island area towards the advancement of evangelism in our region. In pursuit of that vision, they have set a number of specific goals. These include the planting of additional churches, increasing the number of churches devoted to an outwardly focused servant evangelism strategy, and the mobilization of strategic intentional prayer for people who need Jesus.

If you care about the flourishing of the gospel and the growth of Kingdom of God, you should plan to attend |TOGETHER|. All are invited to the Friday night gathering at Providence’s Veterans Auditorium, and every church leader should plan to attend the Saturday conference. More details and registration information can be found HERE.

For 12 years pastors from the Rhode Island area have been meeting to pray in annual Pastors’ Prayer Summits and in quarterly prayer breakfasts. As they have developed relationships through worship-infused prayer, they have also sought a fresh work of God’s Spirit that would change the spiritual climate of southeastern New England.

In 2010 a group of 30 of these pastors formed a new partnership called LoveRI and have explored ways to work together to reach their communities. |TOGETHER| is an outgrowth of the LoveRI movement, and has been joined by other organizations and groups of churches.


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