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TOGETHER We Pray is a regional initiative to foster united and continuous prayer through every day of the month.  

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate united prayer by the Church throughout Greater Rhode Island, for the purposes of fostering spiritual renewal in the Church and advancing the Kingdom of God in word, deed, and power in the region. 

Our Vision

We believe God comes where He is wanted. Our vision is to see a culture and school of prayer in every congregation in Greater Rhode Island, driven by the desire to contend for revival in the Church and for the advance of God’s Kingdom in the region.


Prayer groups are led by a designated prayer coordinator in each church or home.  They are resourced with monthly prayer guides that provide guidance for each respective altar of prayer. The prayer coordinators are trained, supported, and encouraged as they work with their pastors to bring about a renewal of intercessory prayer throughout their congregations.

If you would like to learn more or join in the prayer efforts, please let us know below.

Current Altars of Prayer

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Join or Build an Altar of Prayer

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