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Prayer Summit

Since 2005  ministers from all over Southern New England have been gathering annually to spend two and a half days seeking God’s face in worship and prayer. This time of refreshment and deepening of relationship with the Lord, also serves to nurture relationships between God’s leaders in our region, towards the renewal of our churches so they can better pray for, care for, and share the gospel with the lost of our communities.


A Prayer Summit is a prolonged, two and a half day, life changing worship experience. It is attended by a diversity of Christian leaders from a specific geographic community. The sole purpose is to seek God, His kingdom, and His righteousness. In this setting we commonly see God create and guide through a humbling, healing, uniting process, which leads to a unity of heart, mind, and mission.


Even for pastors and prayer leaders, the Prayer Summit differs from any other previously attended meeting.
We worship, but in a way distinct from a praise and worship service. We read Scripture, but differently than on a typical Sunday morning. We pray with a unique flow; unlike a Wednesday night prayer meeting. Nor do we function as merely a prayer retreat, designed for spending personal time with the Lord.
The Prayer Summit utilizes all of the above experiences, but in such a unique way it becomes a wonderful yet indescribable encounter.
It’s an environment that welcomes the expression of every person, culture, and tradition.


Our foundation is the Word of God. The Bible remains central in every prayer session. Our prayers are both based upon and bound by the teaching and truths of Holy Scripture.

ocal communities, and an orientation to gospel sharing in our common context.

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